What is​ a Mi-Ki​?

A Paddington's Smooth and Long Coat Adult Mi-Ki
Our Mi-kis are descendant from the original purebred lines, and are registered with
Mi-Ki Breeders USA, Inc., of which Paddingtons was a founding member.

All of our breeding Mi-Kis have been DNA tested for Breed Identification. Results 100% Mi-Ki. Also tested clear for 150+ disease causing mutations.

The Mi-Ki ( pronounced "me-key") is a cherished rare toy breed, sharing commom ancestors with the Japanese Chin, Maltese, and Papillion. They average 5 -8 pounds as an adult and  have hair instead of fur, which makes grooming a breeze. There is miminal shedding to deal with, if any.

The Purebred Mi-Kis are available in two coat types, either long or smooth, both of which are equally acceptable and recognized coat types.

Temperment wise, they are the sweetest, most lovable little creatures, only bringing joy to anyone who is fortunate to own one.  They can be potty trained to go on pads inside the home or outside, depending on whatever method best suits your lifestyle.

They are calm, incredibly intelligent, and needless to say they are totally irresistable and  very addictive!
Long Coat Adult
Smooth Coat Adult

Paddington's Mi-Kis

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