Before I begin, all descriptions and pictures shown on this Mi-Ki Breeders site are of purebred Mi-Ki's.

A Mi-Ki (Me-Key) is a cherished toy breed. The Mi-Ki Dogs average 5-8 pounds as adults. The Mi-Ki Puppies and Mi-Ki Dogs are very loving, intelligent, affectionate, calm, and have a quiet demeanor. The Mi-Ki Dogs get along wonderfully with cats, dogs, children through adults, and they have a personality of a large dog in this tiny body. These Mi-Ki Puppies For Sale and Mi-Ki Dogs For Sale have hair instead of fur, which makes shedding minimal. They may also be litter box trained. Sounds too good to be true, I know. But believe me, these Mi-Ki’s are the most precious little things going. Everyone that has a Mi-Ki cherishes it with all their heart, and always wants another. They're very addictive.

Mi-Kis come in two coat types.
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Long Coat (puppy)

Long Coat (adult)

Smooth Coat (puppy)

Smooth Coat (adult)

The smooth coat Mi-Ki Puppy and adult shown here are the same Mi-Ki. Note: The color may change on the Mi-Ki For Sale

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Smooth Coat

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Long Coat

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